Adopt a Reef Ball

Adopt a Reef Ball

Adopt a Reef Ball

Once upon a time, The Bahamas reef structures were a thriving ecosystem teaming with life. You could easily find colorful corals, huge Nassau groupers, snappers and appetizing lobsters in large numbers. Nowadays, the reefs are far from pristine and the reef’s creatures are long gone or, at least, less and less abundant. In fact, fishermen have to go further and further to acquire fish, crawfish and conch for local markets.
Paradise Cove takes up the call, leading marine conservation on the island of Grand Bahama. Paradise Cove has been a favorite snorkeling destination for tourists and locals alike on Grand Bahama for over thirty years and we have seen firsthand the decline of the marine life in our Bahamian waters. We really hold dear those special encounters with a majestic Hawksbill turtle or graceful spotted eagle ray, swimming in the crystal clear, playing on the currents. We’re sure you enjoy these moments as well, if so; join us in giving nature a hand.
Own a piece of Paradise and help us protect the reef.

What's a Reef Ball?

Early 2014 we deployed 260 Reef Balls in front of Paradise Cove Beach Resort! Reef Balls are the world’s leading designed artificial reef modules. Currently there are over 632,000 of these units deployed in over 70 different countries, including the Bahamas. They are simply the safest and most effective way to create sustainable marine reef habitat. The PH balanced concrete structures are made with an easy to use, portable fiberglass mold system.
The concrete used to make Reef Balls contains micro silica, creating a super high strength, abrasion resistant, concrete. They are also treated to create a rough surface texture in order to promote settling by marine organisms such as corals, algae, coralline algae and sponges. Studies have shown that these Reef Balls create life when correctly placed in the water and each one of them can add up to 500 lbs. of biomass per year. That’s more fish, lobsters, coral and algae nourishing our marine environment. Spill over effect means more fish available from West End to Eight Mile Rock.

Adopt-a-Reef Ball with a tax-deductible donation

You can own a “Piece-of-the-Reef” through adoption.
  • Each adopted ball produces up to 500 lbs. of biomass yearly, that’s fish, lobsters, coral and algae! Spillover effect means more fish available to the local Bahamian public.
  • Each adopted ball supports a “Coral Propagation Program”, which rescues local endangered or imperiled corals and transplants them onto designated units.
  • Each adopted ball supports local schools where students will be able to learn about the importance of the marine environment in a hands-on experience.
  •  Each adopted ball supports the College of the Bahamas, biology division, for coral propagation training including monitoring growth and fish density studies. A Reef Ball can be adopted for only $200.

Adopt-a-Reef Ball and get:

  • A full color adoption certificate with exact GPS coordinates of the reef ball reef
  • 10% discount on any purchase at Paradise Cove Beach Resort


Coral transplanted to a Reef Ball can also be adopted for $30, $25, $20 and $15
(depending on its location on the reef). All adoptions will receive a beautiful Certificate of Adoption

Corporate Sponsorship

We also have a corporate sponsorship program.

Give The Gift of Life

What a perfect gift, the gift of life, to show your loved ones you really care about sustaining this beautiful Island. This Christmas give them a piece of the reef!

We’ll take good care of your reef, visit it anytime.

— The Paradise Cove Team

Adopt a Reef Ball